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Leading your child to the way they should go.

Two children holding heavy stuff while smilingOur preschoolers benefit from a program which exposes them to a wide variety of learning materials so as to build self-confidence and enhance their social and emotional growth. These experiences will be provided with consideration for the child’s age, maturity, and readiness. These experiences will also be presented in a comfortable, relaxed, and caring atmosphere. Hands-on, sensory experiences help children understand concepts as we emphasize pre-reading skills, problem-solving, and oral and written language. Cooperative learning enhances social skills while art classes focus on the process and not on the product. Having a caring and nurturing environment also gives each child the opportunity to develop positive self-esteem. The A Beka Curriculum encourages children to build their natural curiosity and teaches important skills such as cooperation, problem-solving skills, follow directions and respect for others.

Children are to be guided and nurtured. Our center is a training ground for them to showcase their innate passion and outward capabilities. Give us a call now at 571-931-6380 if you have questions.