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It is our passion to help parents in raising multi-skilled children and be involved in their educational success and future endeavors. Read more about some of our parents’ feedback below.

9 responses to “Parent Testimonials”

  1. My 3 and 1/2 year old daughter has been at Word Performance Christian Academy for the last 2 years and it has been an amazing place to have my child. I have witnessed she is being taken well care all the time. The teachers are caring and loving and have helped my daughter through many transitions over the years. The director/owner and all the teachers are extremely attentive and involved and has worked closely with me and my wife to make sure my daughter has been thriving year over year. Word Performance Christian Academy gives my daughter the opportunity to grow in the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social aspects of life. Their price is fair and affordable. Word Performance Christian Academy is an amazing school; my younger son will be starting in there in January when he gets 2 years old. I strongly recommend Word Performance Christian Academy to any parent without any reservation.

  2. This school gives a great foundation for any parent putting their child in school for the first time. My son attended pre-k and was at the top of his class in Kindergarten and was placed in the gifted program in public school. My daughter now attends pre-k and I know she’s going to get the same foundation. They are Christian-based and take great interest in every child. Mrs. Mary is an AWESOME director! Her staff is on point and organized. Your money is well spent here!

  3. Word Performance Christian Academy is one of the best daycare/pre-schools in the Dumfries Virginia area. The owner/director and staff all treat the children with love, teach them independecy, the word of God, christian values, how to love and respect themselves and others as well as the A B C’s and 1 2 3’s. My child attended WPCA for 4 years and is now in public school kindergarten. If you want your kid to get a head start on his/her education while learning to pray and praise, Word Performance is the place for your 6 week to 5th grader. Mrs Mary Osei will definitely take care of you.

  4. My daughter has been in the school since she is was 3 months and she is still there . This is a good school they have some great teachers.

  5. One of the best schools in PWC. Provides excellent education and daycare services. The staff is a cut above the rest. Thank you!!

  6. I am not one to write reviews but I felt compelled to do so in the hopes that it will shed some light on this gem of a daycare/school. I have 3 kids (2 of them much older) so my experience with the daycare system in the Woodbridge area is quite extensive – my older kids have passed through Crème de la Crème (until we moved to the other end of town), then at Goddard (by Spriggs Road until they had the employee issue which made headlines) and then Minnieland (by Montclair until they closed and moved to Ashland) and Merit School. We loved the Merit School and would have had my youngest attend there also but my youngest son who just turned 3 was not potty trained and they did not accept kids that were not potty trained. I was left with no choice but to start looking all over again for a good fit. With rave reviews from my neighbor who had a daughter at Word Performance Academy, I decided to give it a try and register my son (he started on August 27). I have been extremely pleased and impressed with them. The price cannot be compared to other daycares (quite reasonable) and the quality is unmatched. I am a working professional, working all the way in DC, and so finding the right fit with great care that prepares my child for kindergarten and beyond was imperative for me. Miss Mary was just very warm and sweet and the registration was painless – one difference I noted compared to other daycares my kids have gone to was that they required a notarized signature for one of the forms but that was quick and easy to obtain from my bank free of charge and had a supply list. I only had to deal with supply lists when my older kids started elementary school. My son has only been there for a month and I can already see the difference. He is almost potty trained – can you believe it? Based on his teacher’s instruction, I had to start putting him in his underwear last week. Few accidents here and there but on the whole I have been pleasantly surprised. He seems very happy when I pick him up each day. I catch him singing, mumbling a prayer when we pray together, and was counting 1, 2, 3 on our way home yesterday. I am thrilled because it is clear that his teacher Miss Mercy is definitely doing something right. I won’t lie, I had a bit of hesitation at first and had it not been for my neighbor’s recommendation I would have searched somewhere else but I have no regrets whatsoever and would do it all over again if I had to. The teachers are all very kind, they have clear rules and a handbook, the uniform took a little getting used to but now I know what is allowed and what isn’t and on what days he should wear what. I love a place that has discipline and to have my son being taught the word of God also is an added bonus that cannot be overlooked. At the open house, I was also impressed with the curriculum and the books which they provide. My son will be having homework sent home on a daily basis and a Friday folder (not sure I am looking forward to all that ) but I am very happy that I will be part of his progress at such an early age. I am very confident I made the right choice – absolutely no doubt about that. Will post an update again early next year. If you are on the fence like I was – give it a chance.

  7. My son has been going to this school for about a year now. Within the first week, he was learning so much! The teachers are committed and attentive to the kids (and they potty train too). Not to mention they are friendly and extremely professional. I have seen significant improvements in my sons behavior and educational growth. I love the uniform policy! I have also recommend this school to a friend of mine and she enrolled her son as well. They are wonderful and I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress my son is making.

  8. This is the best school ever. My first son attended this school before and now the younger brother is presently enrolled. I have other family members sending their kids to this school. They teach so well and are very committed. The teachers are great and they really work with your kids personally to meet their needs. My kids are doing wonderful and so smart.
    I earlier took my son off this school because I moved and the distance was too much but later brought him back because the other new school was not teaching well at all. I rather sacrifice the long drive and let him have a better education.
    Keep doing the good work. God is on our side.

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